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WPS (Vendor: World Programming Limited, UK)  
URL: If you already know the language of SAS™, you can already use WPS! The World Programming System (WPS) provides a code interpreter that can execute programs written in the language of SAS™. WPS is an integrated modular system that consists of a core module and multiple add-on modules. Existing programs written in the language of SAS™ can typically be migrated to run under WPS with little or no modification because of the wide language support provided by WPS. Support for Small, Mid & Large Installations WPS is available for use on multiple platforms including mainframe z/OS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX. For Mainframe use, not only can you use your existing programs written in the language of SAS™ unchanged running under z/OS on System z but now for the first time you can consider reducing your running costs by running under Linux on System z in conjunction with IFL systems. For the Windows environment, including server, workstation and laptop, WPS provides program editing, management and execution facilities via an advanced graphical user interface. For UNIX workstations and servers, WPS is supported on various platforms including AIX, Linux and Solaris. For Apple computer users, WPS is supported on Mac OS X.