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We at SSZ are concerned that an aging/retiring population and diminishing skill sets plus a lack of documentation is going to increasingly impact upon critical service delivery & maintaining your competitive edge.   We at SSZ realise the importance and the significance of the IBM System z Platform, but we also realise that OEM/ISV infrastructure software nowadays needs to be innovative, should improve control and system integrity and increase the scope for system automation. Controlling rampant costs and cost reduction has not been forgotten. All the software products and services in the SSZ portfolio have been carefully selected and they all contribute to one or more of the above criteria, including MIPS, DASD control and reduction, as well as improving the performance and reliability of the systems and the applications. 
Automation, Innovation and Process Management Results in Improved Service Delivery and Efficiency
  • Free mainframe assessment
  • Reduce your MIPS, DASD, and improve performance.
  • Reduce your IBM MLC charges.
  • Smart TLS XL can make any user a SAS and ABAP expert.
  • SAS language replacement software.
  • SAS to WPS migration services.
Free mainframe assessment1 Reduce your MIPS, DASD, and improve performance.2 Reduce your IBM MLC charges.3 Smart TLS XL can make any user a SAS and ABAP expert.4 SAS language replacement software.5 SAS to WPS migration services.6