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CPSI (The Critical Path Software Company)
The software tools can be configured to run on an as needed basis or to continuously monitor critical files and DASD in a pro-active approach to identify and prevent system outages and shortages caused by data growth and DASD shortages.  Reduce and control mainframe costs and improve performance and reliability. We offer a FREE and non-intrusive assessment with verifiable, measurable and guaranteed results! CRITICAL PATH SOFTWARE'S SUITE OF OPTIMIZATION TOOLS                              Turbo catalog analyser - analysis of user and master catalogs for errors    Turbo MIP and MSU recovery tools - identify and reduce resource consumption     Turbo VSAM analyser - identifies VSAM parameters for performance improvement  Turbo CICS analyser - identifies improvement in  FCT, TCT, PPT, LSR buffer pools  Turbo IMS analyser - discovers improvements in parameters and buffering  Turbo DB2 analyser - identifies improvements in system files and DASD storage Turbo batch JCL analyser - discovers improvements to 150 batch JCL parameters  Turbo buffering tool - discovers improvements to buffering of online and batch file         Turbo JESLOG analyser - analysis of batch run history for improvements   Turbo control card library analyser - identifies CPU savings in control card libraries For additional information please visit the company website at