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In-Com Data Systems offers a unique suite of tools designed to help Business Analysts, Application Developers and Production Support Analysts deal with application life cycle management issues.  IN-COM Data Systems offers SMART TS XL.  SMART TS XL allows IT professionals to search and retrieve information across the organization's IT assets.  This ease of access greatly reduces the time required to understand and evaluate IT projects. “Finding beyond searches. Taking searches further.”  SMART TS XL is a browser based, lightning fast, powerful search and analysis engine for mainframe, AS400, UNIX, Windows, Linux & SAP environments which is able to process millions of programs in a matter of seconds.  SMART TS XL is the ultimate search tool for your IT assets that works with both state of the art and legacy systems. SMART TS XL supports highly complex Boolean and proximity searches on disparate data types such as ASM, Cobol, Natural, JCL, Procs, CICS Maps, Java, .net and other open languages, SAP ABAP office files, E-mails and more. The colour coded results are hyperlinked, cross referenced and offer complete drill down capability. IN-COM Data Systems architected SMART TS using patented technology to run on cost effective server platforms.  For mainframe users, by off-loading the workload from the expensive mainframe environment, you are able to extend the life of your mainframe processor in addition to freeing up MIPS for mission critical production processing. WHY SHOULD OUR COMPANY LOOK AT SMART TS XL? Supports anything and everything in your IT world Fully up and running in less than a day Requires zero training – intuitive as GOOGLE ™ Response time – less than 1 second Requires NO client software, just IE or Firefox Tool for the masses, not just technical engineers Priced by lines of code, NOT by SEAT, CPU, MIPS, SERVER, USER, or USAGE – affordable Quick and easy to install, setup, use, and maintain Used by 20 fortune 1000 Clients - some since 2001 ROI of at least 100% Year 1 (guaranteed in writing) Dozens of excellent references worldwide Deliver projects with less personnel, faster and accurately WHERE CAN YOUR COMPANY USE SMART TS XL? SEARCH, IMPACT, ANALYSIS, and REVIEW of source code across all languages, all platforms Load source code and/or data and use SMART Xtensions to access from all languages and platforms using simple TCPIP calls, eliminating 1, 2 and 3 tier application calls All supporting office documents and content of any source and origin can be linked to all source code Legal departments can load their contracts &  documents for heuristic searches Company letters and contracts in all languages can be loaded and made available to END USERS and ANALYSTS for searching and retrieval. SOX auditors can search for areas that may be out of compliance. Network Managers can search firewall, router and switch configuration & rule files for easy network management. REMEDY, CLEARCASE and any other trouble tickets  can be loaded and linked automatically to source code Unstructured files (CSV, XLS, XML, ACCESS) can be searched like they were databases. ZIPPED and COMPRESSED files & logs can be searched on individually, saving terabytes. Using SYNONYM databases, common logic across platforms and systems can easily be found Loading CICS regions and allowing easy hyperlinked access to cryptic CICS tables Loading TRIGGERS & PROCEDURES inside databases make visible the connections to the source code Any purchased SAP Netweaver system as well as the SAP ABAP code that has been built around your purchased system can be easily managed and understood.
Video 1: SAP - SMART TS XL short demo
Video 2: What is SMART TS XL?
Video 3: Where Can Your Company Use SMART TS XL?