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World Programming World Programming develops and distributes a software product called for management, processing, reporting and analysis of data in the language of SAS™. Matter of Fact Software Matter of Fact Software was set up in early 2008 to develop and bring to market innovative software products in the IBM Mainframe arena with a special focus on CICS®. CPSI Critical Path Software has been in business for 25 years and has performed over 1,100 cost saving projects throughout the world and has analyzed hundreds of millions of files, Libraries, Programs, JCL, and PETA bytes of DASD storage.  IN-COM DATA SYSTEMS  In-Com Data Systems is a Software company chosen Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2012. Offering search, analysis and mapping suite of tools. Smart TS supports any kind of source code asset may have: across all platforms, systems, languages and operating systems. Smart TS suite of tools can map impact and complexity. IT Metrics The SAS Analysis and Migration Service is an offering from SSZ & ITMetrics which will help your Site discover the full extent of the usage of the language of SAS within your Site, rationalise its use and migrate Applications from the current SAS™ based to WPS™ based products”.